Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer in Sonoma

To be honest, I thought I would stop blogging after my technology course. Now that I don't have to blog, I actually want to blog.

Josh and I have been renting a cottage in Sonoma for a little over a week now. Our place is so cute and incredibly peaceful. We decided to rent this place because I am working on my Master's at Sonoma State and wanted to take a few classes this summer. Despite the classes, I still feel like I am on vacation. My morning are what I have dreamt about this past school-year- sleeping in, sipping tea, doing yoga on our patio and relaxing until around noon. Then, I usually go for a run or a bike ride. After all of this is done, I do attempt to do some school work, but given the fact that my class doesn't start until 4 it is very easy to procrastinate. I love our schedule here.

Life in Sonoma is fabulous. Josh and I might just stay here for the year. If only we were both (consultants like some of our friends), we could just work from our cottage.

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